Please see below frequently asked questions and their respective answers


Q - Can I bring a guest who doesn’t work for us?

A - Yes, you can bring a guest of your choice as long as they meet the age requirements for the event

Q - Why do I have to pay £5 to secure my ticket?

A - The events we have secured all have a cost to the charity so we want to ensure that people don’t request tickets and then choose not to turn up. You will get the £5 back in the form of a food and drink voucher

Q - What if I don’t receive an email with my ticket?

A - Please email [javascript protected email address] and one of the team will come back to you asap

Q - Do I have to be 18 to attend?

A - Certain events are for those aged 18 and above, these will be easily identified in the events calendar

Q - I have reserved a ticket but am now unable to attend?

A - If this is less than 48 hours before the event, we will not be able to reallocate these tickets so please try and pass them to a colleague to attend. If you have more than 48 hours notice then please email: [javascript protected email address] and we will try and process a refund and reallocate the tickets.

Q - Why do I have to pay a 15p processing fee? 

A - This is to cover the credit/debit card fees incurred to process the ticket through our booking platform 

Q - I am struggling for money at the moment and am unable to pay the £5 deposit, can you help?

A - Unfortunately we are unable to help with this. If you check with your line manager they can see if there are any local charitable funds available which you could apply for?

Q - Can I bring more than one guest with me? 

A - As we want to thank as many staff as possible, unfortunately not, unless you are attending one of the family days where you can bring up to 3 people with you

Q - If I want to take more than one guest can I buy extra tickets?

A - You would need to check with the venue of the event to see if extra tickets are available to buy, in the case of exclusive events this will not be possible.

Q - I booked one event but want to change to a different event?

A - Unfortunately, once booked we are unable to change tickets if you have simply changed your mind.

Q - The event I want to attend is fully booked do you have a waitlist?

A – We do have some waitlist places, this will be shown on the booking portal if this is an option for you


Q - There are no events I want to attend?

A - Firstly, we are sorry this is the case, we are trying to curate a mixed programme of events to appeal to lots of different people. Please check back in a months time to see if there are any new events to choose from

Q - I don’t want to attend an event, can I have the monetary equivalent instead?

A - Sadly not, this programme of events has been designed as a thank you and the opportunity to create positive memories with friends and colleagues

Q - Will you provide transport for me to the venue?

A - Unfortunately not. Most venues are easily accessible via public transport. Please check each venues website for directions on how to get there

Q - Is there free parking at the venue?

A - You would need to check the venues website to see if there is free parking available at the venue

Q - What happens at the venue, is there a special area for staff?

A - This will depend on the venue. At each event there will be a special thankufest check in area, the volunteers will then let you know what arrangements (if any) have been made at that venue

Q - Do I get discount on food and drink?

A - This will depend on the venue and if they are able to offer a discount this will be clearly signed.

Q - What if I don’t spend my £5 food and drinks voucher?

A - Unfortunately these are non-refundable so if you don’t spend it at the venue sadly the funds will be lost

Q - I need to speak to a member of the team is there a phone number I can call?

A - Unfortunately to keep our costs low we don’t operate a telephone hotline, please email any questions through to [javascript protected email address]

Q - I am ill and am now unable to attend?

A - If you are able to let the team know 48hrs in advance they will try and reallocate your ticket

Q - Are there any covid restrictions in place or is testing required to attend the event?

A - In line with current government guidance there are no covid restrictions or entry testing requirements in place

Q - Can I take my own food and drink to the event?

A - You will need to check restrictions with the venue (on their website or by calling them) where the event is taking place